AC/DC High Voltage Equipment

PULLMAN INSTRUMENTS has been involved for many years working with large and small organisations, who are involved in the installation and /or the maintenance of the HV and LV electrical networks. Our in-house test facilities allow us to test D.C. pressure test sets, flash test units, Live line/Potential indicators, both earthed and capacitive types, phasing rods, bushings, primary insulating poles for earthing systems. As an addition to the standard services on HV equipment, we are able to test HV gauntlets to ensure there safety and integrity, 

We are able to supply up to 100kV D.C., and measure up to 120kV D.C., on the A.C. side, we are able to generate up to 50kV, and measure up to 120kV. 

The HV service can be transfered as an in-house or an 0n-site service, and as is common with our capabilities, repairs of equipment and supply of new units is also an option.


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