UKAS Accredited Blood Facility Mapping Service


PULLMAN INSTRUMENTS are fully accredited to UKAS Standard, allowing us to provide an on-site pre assesment after installation, in service profiling and post repair temperature mapping service. This covers the ranges of -90°C to 450°C, with this service meeting all of the requirements laid down by the MHRA.

Our mapping service allows us to provide data on multiple facilities, and provides both electronic and printed reports. The report includes probe layout, statistical data, graphed data, calibration of instrumentation and core sensors. We also issue PAT test certificates as part of the service and a report on the HVAC performance.

Additionally we are able to offer a full maintenance package on all storage facilities.

This on site service is also available to all pharmacy, laundry, sterile services, catering and mortuary facilities within the hospital medical services. 



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