Crimp Tools & Tool Testing Equipment

PULLMAN INSTRUMENTS are able to offer a full calibration service on all hand, ratchet, mechanical, battery operated and hydraulic crimp tools, used in all industrial, rail and avionics applications. We undertake to inspect, clean and service where needed. The calibrations undertaken provide cofidence in the operation of the tool by testing the performance of the release mechanism and of the jaws to produce correct shape/indentation, meet tensile requirements and also verify sizing of dies used with the tools.

We are able to produce data in line with standard industrial BS specifications and meet the requirements of the avionics BS standard. We also aim to ensure that the tool and the crimp are matched to ensure the highest possible confidence in the certified results. We are also able to offer a repair service and can also supply crimp tools - ENQUIRE

Our crimp tool testing capability is also available as an on-site service. We also offer a UK wide collection and delivery service.


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