Teva UK Ltd On Site Calibrations

Activity Summary

PULLMAN INSTRUMENTS offer Teva ON SITE calibration solutions on the in house environmental logging system in their High tech facility in Castleford, near Wakefield, West Yorkshire.
Calibrations are carried out to ensure that the quality of the products they manufacture, are maintained, to meet customer satisfaction worldwide. Temperature and Humidity are critical to product quality, and the PLC network based system provides total confidence that conditions within the facility are maintained. All measurements are made using the highest quality reference instruments, VOTSCH test chamber, ROTRONIC, RH Chamber, BEAMEX temperature meter and JOFRA Temperature sources, whose performance specifications allow absolute confidence in reference measurements

  • Teva UK Ltd On Site Calibrations

Customer Profile

Teva UK is a global pharmeceutical company, specialising in generic and branded medicines, part of Teva Pharmeceutical, which is among the top 15 pharmeceutical companies in the world

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