Meet The Team

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    Colin Smith

    Founder and Former CEO

    Colin Arthur Smith, 6th April 1945 - 10th November 2013 Colin Smith passed away after a lengthy battle with cancer, Colin along with his wife Beryl, were the founders of PULLMAN INSTRUMENTS, which started from humble beginnings in a small unit in the goods yard of Albert Hymas. Colin grew the business from 3 employees to 17 employees, and now PULLMANS employees 32 staff. As the owner Colin used all of his experience which he gained whilst serving in the Royal Signals for 17 years, he worked tirelessly to make a success of a small business. Colin had also been involved for many years as an active Christian, serving in many prominent positions within the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, his faith, and the doctrines and principles which are taught relating to the family as a central role in the make up of society, plus his compassion towards those who were lonely or down trodden, and his positive attitude and the ability to make friends with those he did not know, is the legacy he leaves behind

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    Beryl Smith

    Founder and Former Director

    Beryl, along with her husband Colin, were jointly responsible for developing the idea of Pullman Instruments, and has continued to play a part in the business. her role in supporting the work that Colin did helped the business grow in its formative years, to where it is today, a well established, professional company working in the UK service sector. Beryl continues to enjoy a less rigorous work regime within the company, but is still very much hands on.

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    Nathan Smith

    Chief executive Officer

    Contact: 01423 561972

    Nathan Smith has owned PULLMAN INSTRUMENTS since 2008, after his father Colin Smith retired, Nathan, wanted to continue with the growth and development of PULLMAN'S as a major player in the service and calibration market. Nathan is a graduate of the University of SALFORD, after which he served his time at LAND-ROVER, working on the quality side of the business, and was also involved in the purchasing of parts of the ROVER fleet of vehicles as he served his time with them. Nathan also owns FLOW-MON, a flow indicator manufacturing company.

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    Mark Kendall

    Sales director

    Contact: 01423 720369

    Mark Kendall has been with PULLMAN for over 30 years, he began his employment in 1982, and came straight from school on a YTS scheme for those old enough to remember, and has continued to work through the organisation, taking over as Sales Director in 2008. Mark has served his time as man and boy, in all of the technical elements of the company, managing the workshops and labs provided the technical base to allow the transition in to the sales orientated side of the growth needed for PULLMAN to develop

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    Mark Conboy

    Company Director & UKAS Head of Laboratory,

    Contact: 01423 720368

    Mark Conboy was employed by PULLMAN's in 1984, and has progressed through the organisation to become an executive Director, his role within the company is to manage the UKAS accreditation we have achieved, additionally Mark takes care of the technical service side of the business, working closely with Tony Cox, and also Mick Collins and Jeff Stacey, to provide technical support, service and repair of customers equipment. With the continued growth and expansion of the business and the additional UKAS disciplines we are aiming to bring on board, Mark will be heavily involved in maintaining the professionalism of the business that we are acheiving

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    Tony Cox

    Head of Technical service, UKAS deputy head of Laboratory & On Site Manager

    Tony Cox has worked for PULLMAN INSTRUMENTS since 1995, previously worked as an apprentice at Farnell electronics in Wetherby. Since joining Pullmans Tony has worked in a number of areas within the business, including taking care of the I.T. within the company, managing the labs and service area, additionally he takes care of all on-site work that we do as a company. Tony now heads up our technical team, working alongside Mark Conboy. Additionally Tony has a major involvement in the development of the UKAS capabilities we offer as a company, together Mark and Tony manage and maintain our UKAS accreditation and have been very successful in doing so for the last 15 years.

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    Liz Foster

    Financial Controller

    Contact: 01423 720360 Ex210

    Liz joined the company in mid 2013 and, and comes from a solid background in accounting. Liz did her financial training to be a chartered accountant in York, and spent eight years working in a practice in the Thames Valley, and four of those years were served as a branch office manager. Returned to Yorkshire, taking up a position at one of the Nationally recognized accountancy firms. After a period out of the industry, Liz returned to work for a manufacturing company based in Knaresborough where sixteen years were spent as a financial controller. Liz brings to the company a wealth of financial knowledge and experience and has proved to be a great asset to the group

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    Tony Balla

    General Manager

    Contact: 01423 720360

    Tony Balla joined PULLMAN INSTRUMENTS in 2002, after 26 years in the motor industry as a heavy goods vehicle mechanic. The change in roles was a new challenge, but also an opportunity to use some of his knowledge in organizing the running of the company vehicle fleet. Tony also took on the responsibility of taking care of the hire side of the business, as well as general staff management duties, just to keep him busy. Tony has proved to be an asset to the organisation.

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    Phil Miles

    Sales Manager

    Contact: 07736 271477

    Phil has worked for Pullmans for 3 years, and began his time with us as a representative, working closely with our customers, he brought with him a wealth of sales experience in different industry sectors. It was a natural progression for Phil to take on board the challenging role of sales manager, and has performed admirably in his new position

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    Steve Cantlow

    Quality Manager

    Contact: 01423 720360 x208

    Steve Cantlow joined PULLMAN INSTRUMENTS in 2002. Steve brought with him a wealth of experience gained in both the insurance and mortgage industries. A graduate of the University of LEEDS, Steve is also a qualified auditor, and is IOSH managing safety approved. Steve helps to ensure that PULLMANS has maintained both the ISO 9001: 2008 and UKAS ISO/IEC 17025:2005, along with other approvals such as LINK UP, SAFE CONTRACTOR, and UVDB

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    Calibration Team

    Calibrations of your equipment

    The calibration team provide a great support to our customers, turning out over 23,000 calibrations last year, and we still have room to grow, each member plays a role within the department ensuring that all of the equipment is calibrated to correctly approved standards

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    Sales Team

    Team responsible for sales, purchasing and technical sales enquiries

    Contact: 01423 720360

    The sales team work under the direction of Mark Kendall & Tony Balla who is the general manager, a nicer bunch of chaps you could not wish to meet, (L to R) Gary Tate is our senior sales representative and has been with PULLMANS for 20 years, helping to build the structure of the company, by way of customer collection/delivery to where it is today. Phil Miles is a recent addition to the team, he has been with only only 9 months, but brings with hims a solid sales background and is helping to improve customer satisfaction in this area, Adrian Helps one of our drivers, he has worked for PULLMANS for 5 years now, Adrian is our long haul man, and does a fantastic job of supporting his customer area. Doug Marshall is the new boy, for 6 months, and has fitted into the mechanics of his role excellently, also providing excellent support to his customer area

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    Service Centre Team

    Repairs to all customers equipment

    Our service centre team bring with them a wealth of experience and skill, over 50 years of time spent in the electronics and instrumentation industry sectors, and youthful exuberance, in the trainees we are bringing on board. Our staff have been trained to the highest level, by the service companies we represent to ensure that quality matters and customer satisfaction is met

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    South Office team


    Contact: 01934 424575

    Our south office ISO 9001: 2008 approved Lab, which is supported by Richard Deverson (center), Andy Baker (right) and Shane Earle (left). Richard has been with PULLMANS for 17 years, and carries with him a wealth of experience on the sales & technical support. Andy Baker is the office supervisor, and will be the first point of contact when discussing your calibration needs, Andy has been with PULLMANS for nearly a year, and has adapted his electronics background well, into the service and calibration sector. Andy Everrett has been with us for 3 years, and is the main calibration engineer.

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    On Site Team

    Members of On site Team

    Our on site team comprises of Carl Coulter, and Rob Houlden, Carl started in 2006 and has been involved in helping to grow the on site portfolio for our customers. Carl joined as a multi skilled hospital, factory and leisure industry technician and has further developed his engineering skills, working in many familiar environments, and quickly adapting his skill base to other areas of measurement disciplines. Carl worked along side Tony Cox until we brought on board Rob Houlden, he brought with him an extensive electrical background, complimenting what we had already established with Carl. Our site team travel the length and breadth of the country, and abroad if the work demands. Our site service recognizes the demands of time placed on having equipment away for calibration, and are only too happy to provide solutions to your calibration

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    Accounts Team

    Team responsible for management of customer and company accounts

    The accounts team are always on hand to help with your enquiries