NETWORK RAIL Maintenance program

Activity Summary

PULLMAN INSTRUMENTS has been approved to do work for NETWORK RAIL, calibrating, servicing and repairing test and measuring equipment across its maintenance infrastructure. PULLMAN INSTRUMENTS additionally supply into Network Rail on demand if new equipment is required. Currently covering the WALES area, PULLMAN INSTRUMENTS offers collection and delivery of equipment, calibrated and returned on a five working day schedule, from devolved unit depots in the region. The scope of the agreement covers equipment used on Track renewals, P-Way, Signalling and Telecoms. PULLMAN INSTRUMENTS has provided a calibration solution, which helps to meet the demands of the rail industry. This ensures that the safety critical nature of many of the test and measurement units used by Network Rail’s engineers is maintained, providing confidence in the use of and traceability of their equipment. 

  • NETWORK RAIL Maintenance program

Customer Profile

NETWORK RAIL is the owner and operator of most of the railway infrastructure in England, Scotland & Wales.

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